27feb8:30 pmThe Glass Menagerie

28feb8:30 pmCyprus Symphony Orchestra: IRONY AND JOY  Beethoven Cycle Continued

29feb3:00 pmCarnival Parade 2020


06mar8:30 pmAbelard and Heloise

14mar8:30 pmThings I Know To Be True


02apr8:30 pmDrakaina (The Ogress)

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Once upon a time

Pafos, eternally desired by Kings, Queens, Gods & Goddesses

The Goddess Aphrodite was born in Pafos and the city is believed to have been founded in 1400 BC by her son King Cinyras. The majority of the inhabitants during this time paid homage to Aphrodite and other such gods and goddesses and many temples and monuments were built.

Today, the Pafos region is one of the most popular resort areas in Cyprus. It has its own international airport and it is well connected to many countries and major European cities. Beautiful photographic opportunities are provided by the excellent beaches, the historic harbour, ancient ruins and sites, and picturesque landscape.

The Pafos region enjoys a subtropical – Mediterranean climate, with the mildest temperatures on the island. The typical summer season lasts about 8 months, from April to November, although in March and December there are sometimes temperatures above 20°C (68.0° F).

With its stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, historical sites, cobbled villages, flower-filled fields, cosy restaurants and lively nightlife there’s something to cater for all tastes – Pafos, Geroskipou, Pegeia and Polis Chrysochous are all perfect places to celebrate your wedding or enjoy your honeymoon.
What could be more romantic than exchanging vows on the ‘island of love’, the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who rose from the foam on the beautiful coastline of Pafos?

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