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Arts & Crafts

A rich and diverse art scene

Take a journey to the past, steeped in history and culture, and experience Pafos’ unique heritage. A region that is rich in arts and crafts, Pafos is home to a diverse art scene that highlights work made from a variety of natural materials and useful items sourced from everyday life. Although traditional skills are fading out, and slowly replaced with modern techniques, a few of the surviving art skills continue to survive reflecting Pafos’ unique and timeless art heritage.

Meet the artists, observe their art, or create your own masterpiece to take home.



The traditional art of ceramics and pottery has been around in Cyprus for thousands of years, and continues to this day. Visit a potter’s studio and you will appreciate, not only the skill needed to work and model clay, but also the artist’s passion for his work. Many traditional potters ply their trade in the Geroskipou area as well as in the old town of Pafos.

Artistic glassworks – Fused Glass

Glassmaking originally started in Cyprus around the 7th Century BC. Since then, glass production has evolved into an exclusive art trade where artisans employ decorating techniques dating back centuries. The Pafos Region is home to two fused glass studios that are operational.

Art of Mosaics

Embedded within Pafos’ rich history, the art of mosaic making holds the same appeal today as it did in ancient times. Often commissioned for a home or office, most of the subjects are inspired from Greek mythology and Cypriot culture, utilising various materials that enhance the art form through a myriad of colours. Studios are located in and around the town of Pafos.

Leather making

Creating goods out of leather is an age-old tradition that has survived for many centuries in Pafos. G. Kelpis is a shoe and accessory designed who runs a leather workshop and design studio in Pafos, creating stunning durable leather goods by hand including leather sandals, belts, unique accessories and custom-made shoes and bags.

Phytiotiko weaving

The art of weaving is another timeless tradition, mostly carried out by women. Utilising colourful and geometric designs, visitors are often in awe of the intricate woven textiles that are synonymous with Cyprus’ weaving ancestry.  An art form that has been in existence since medieval times, demonstrations using old-style looms are often staged before locals and tourists.


George Zavros is one of the very few remaining Cypriot chair makers in Pafos, who remains passionate about his craft. Visit his studio in the old town of Pafos.

Basket making

Handmade, bespoke baskets are on display, and available for sale, in the old town of Pafos and Mesogi Village. Visitors can observe live demonstrations of the basket making process, which highlights the art of creating containers made out of natural materials by hand.

Art Galleries

For art lovers, there are many galleries in the region, which organise exhibitions and other events on a regular basis. Some have permanent collections on display that include paintings, mosaics, glass and pottery. Others sell art materials, books, and provide framing services. Specialising in custom portraits, some of the artists also transform favourite photos into hand painted works of art.


Ask your hotel reception about exact venues and dates.

Pafos Municipal Gallery: www.pafos.org.cy

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