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Get Creative! Any ideas for the new Pafos Region Slogan?

Share your ideas (up to 3 slogans) by completing the form below! Please read contest information before submitting!

    Contest Information

    Our vision:
    The Pafos Region to become:
    “A top quality tourist destination that will offer the visitor a wide range of experiences and will contribute to the sustainability of the area with respect to the environment and cultural heritage”

    Current Slogan

    PAFOS REGION, a good reason for all seasons!

    What makes a slogan successful?
    1. To be special and not similar to another slogan of another destination / product.
    2. Easy to memorize, smart and short – up to 5 words.
    3. Focus on a particular element of the product such as quality, durability, authenticity, etc.
    4. In order to attract attention, it may include word play, contrasts, rhymes, etc.
    5. Focus on consumer’s desires.
    6. Promise of benefits and advantages that the traveller / consumer will receive from destination / experience.
    7. Refer to benefits in such a way that they become a personal matter for the consumer.
    Highlights of Pafos

    The 6 major elements that constitute the most important features / strengths of Pafos as a Tourist Destination:

    1. Archaeological Capital of Cyprus – Rich and diverse heritage-Unesco listed.
    2. Safe and relaxing destination.
    3. Unspoilt Nature-Beautiful Rural areas.
    4. Strong Culture, Myths and Traditions.
    5. Clear, quality bathing waters.
    6. Quality accommodation (over 60% of the accommodation consist of 4&5 star hotels).
    Characteristics to represent the Tourist Destination”Pafos” in the future
    1. All year round, premium destination, for all.
    2. Strong culture, rich history and tradition.