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Old Town Pafos

A living legacy of past and present

Beyond the alluring waters of the Mediterranean, sun-drenched beaches, archaeological parks, religious and mythical sites, and museums that commemorate the early days of Pafos, lies a hub of Cypriot heritage. Colourful shops, eclectic restaurants, modern cafes and bars interspersed amid preserved historic buildings; this vibrant area of Pafos Town is equally popular with locals and tourists.

Embark on a different adventure as you enter the Old Town of Pafos and experience the living legacy that brings both past and present to your doorstep. Revel in the aromas of fresh herbs and spices, savour the taste of award-winning wines and local delicacies, as your senses connect with the mesmerising sounds emanating from traditional workshops creating everything from ceramics, pots and pans, to woven goods, and unique handcrafted jewellery.

The Pafos Old Town boasts a superb market, manned by local villagers who travel early to sell their homegrown produce. From local bananas, avocados, spicy rocket and dried wild oregano, to fresh and seasonal fish that has been sourced in the early hours of the morning from the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean, the Pafos Old Town is the perfect place to experience the authenticity of Pafos.


With a plethora of distinct attractions and places of interest, hidden around every corner of the Old Town of Pafos, you are always a few metres away from a new experience.  Be sure to visit:

  • The unique architecture of the Public Library, Town Hall and numerous neoclassical buildings in the surrounding areas of the town
  • Great selection of museums such as the Ethnographic and Archaeological Museums
  • Municipal Fruit Market
  • Religious and historic monuments such as Saint Kendeas Church, Agia Sofia Mosque and the beautifully preserved Ottoman Baths
  • Shops selling leather shoes, jewellery, souvenirs, designer labels, luggage, sunglasses and spectacles
  • Local craftsmen creating works of art
  • Numerous cafes, bars and restaurants serving everything from local to international cuisine
  • The most magnificent sunsets over Pafos
  • Unique events that take place around the Old Town
  • Vibrant night life

A number of regular city buses can reach the Pafos Old Town from the Karavella Station.