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A year-round destination, the Pafos Region caters for all types of vacationers in search of something unique, while reveling in the culture and local traditions. Crystal-clear waters, inviting beaches, majestic countryside, ancient sites, and a surplus of outdoor activities are trademarks that define the Pafos Region. We welcome visitors to enjoy our pristine beaches, relax at one of our pleasurable hotels and resorts, taste the good life at a mountainside winery or indulge in a gastronomic experience, venture out on an outdoor excursion, or immerse yourself with nature – the Pafos Region is a recipe for the soul.

Pafos is a harmonious blend of many things. A cosmopolitan resort embraced by spectacular countryside and fascinating historical sites, Pafos is a marriage of alluring turquoise waters, rugged mountainous terrain and a cultural heritage that transports you back to an ancient and mythological past.

Infused with the magic of romance, the atmosphere creates unforgettable moments as every corner traces the path of Aphrodite, where the ancient goddess of love and beauty once roamed.  Swim in the sea at her legendary birthplace, Petra tou Romiou, visit her sanctuary at Kouklia, or discover the hidden grotto near Polis, where the goddess met her lover, Adonis, in secret.  The Pafos Region offers the most idyllic and romantic settings to commemorate your love, or create lifetime memories on your honeymoon.


Pafos: A Good Reason For All Seasons

Located on the southwest coast of the island of Cyprus, and sheltered from the north by the majestic Troodos Mountains, Pafos boasts a temperate climate and one of the healthiest lifestyles in the Mediterranean.

The region is ideal for basking in the sunshine all year round, and experience the hospitality of its people wherever you go. Plunge into the sparkling warm waters of the Mediterranean in summer, or venture out on a splendid nature trail and observe fields blanketed in wildflowers in the spring; visit ancient and historical landmarks in autumn, and keep fit with a plethora of outdoor activities in winter. Whichever way you look at it, Pafos is a year-round destination with many reasons to visit.

Pafos town: The cosmopolitan resort
Pafos Harbour

Pafos Town offers boasts a vast selection of accommodation, ranging from luxury beachside hotels and resorts with five-star amenities and services, such as business centres, salt-water pools, exotic gardens and health spas, to a variety of budget hotels and apartments within short driving distances to shops, beaches, eateries, tourist attractions and sites.  The town’s gastronomy is one of the best in Cyprus with a varied cuisine of local food at authentic taverns to international restaurants serving dishes from around the globe. Pafos offers a stylish nightlife scene, with many distinct areas catering to their own type of night owl. From swanky high-end clubs to a wonderful selection of bars and establishments popular with the town’s intercontinental community; enjoy a world-renowned opera performance under the stars at Pafos’ medieval fort overlooking the harbour, or a theatrical production at one of the many ancient or modern venues – Pafos most certainly lives up to its reputation as a cosmopolitan resort.

Geroskipou: The Sacred Garden

The Municipality of Geroskipou is located a short driving distance from the mythological birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. The town derives its name from ancient Greek, “Hieros Kipos” which refers to the “sacred garden,” dedicated to the goddess.

This beautifully preserved town features many roadside stalls selling a variety of handicrafts that include basketry and pottery, and the world-renowned confection known as Geroskipou Loukoumi.  The town is home to the Folk-Art Museum, displaying a large and diverse collection of exhibits originating from all over Cyprus and representing the daily life of the island. The Ecclesiastical Museum of Pafos (Byzantine Museum) is also located in the town, and houses unique religious artefacts that include ancient icons, metallic church items dating back to the 6th Century, liturgical and ecclesiastical embroidery, and manuscripts and books.

Pegeia: Byzantine Marvels

Perched on a hillside location overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, the coastal town of Pegeia is renowned for its fountains in its picturesque town square – a beautiful construction featuring typical arches, and a central meeting point where traditional Cypriot women would meet to wash their clothes and fetch daily water. Pegeia boasts spectacular views of the coastline and beyond, and is home to Pafos’ most popular blue flag-awarded beaches at Coral Bay, popular amongst locals and tourists for their pristine waters and golden sands.

If you are a culture lover or historian at heart, the stone-built church of Agios Georgios is a superb example of Byzantine art dating back to the 6th Century. The basilica complex features extensive floor mosaics depicting geometric patterns and animals. Adjacent to Coral Bay, Maa-Paleokastro is the site where ancient Mycenaean Greeks first landed in Cyprus during the island’s thriving Bronze Age.

Polis: Nature at its Best

The Polis Chrysochous area is one of Pafos’ least developed coastlines and a perfect place to experience the true meaning of relaxation. The Akamas National Park appeals to all nature lovers, particularly those in search of peaceful and tranquil surroundings that include rocky promontories, sandy coves, hidden grottos and abundant flora and fauna.

Nestled within the park, one will discover the renowned Baths of Aphrodite – an ancient, freshwater grotto shaded by a wild fig tree, believed to be the site where the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, frolicked with her lovers.

This rural region is probably one of the best-kept secrets of the Mediterranean. It contains one of the last nesting grounds for green and loggerhead turtles, whose numbers have greatly increased thanks to a successful conservation project on the sandy beaches of Lara. The area is criss-crossed by many beautiful nature trails where you can spot rare endemic plants such as the Cyprus orchid, tulip, and crocus, or watch migrating birds fly overhead.

Pafos Regional Board of Tourism

The Pafos Regional Board of Tourism is the official body representing all the sectors involved in the region’s tourism industry, under one umbrella.

The Board consists of thirteen members, including the four Municipalities represented through the Mayors of each region, the Chairman of the Union of Pafos communities, Deputy Ministry of Tourism, and representatives of all associations related to the travel industry, headed by the Chairman of the Pafos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • To develop and coordinate activities in the region of Pafos
  • To promote the region of Pafos as a quality tourist destination
  • To coordinate activities between the private and government sectors, especially for problem solving related to the tourism industry
  • To increase flights both to and from Pafos International Airport
  • To act as coordinator for the implementation of tourist and other infrastructure projects towards the further development of the industry
Contact details

7 Athinon and Alexandrou Papagou Avenue, Tolmi Court 101

P.O. Box 60082, 8100 Pafos, Cyprus

Tel. +357 26 811 500 Fax. +357 26 811 501

Email: info@visitpafos.org.cy

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