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Transforming the way we think

Pafos has recognised the importance of digitalisation as a tourism destination in significantly improving its competitive advantage and the experiences offered to visitors, so the destination has implemented several actions to improve its uptake of digital technologies and tools in accordance with the digital strategy followed.

Digital info at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pafos Archaeological Park

The project comprises the creation of interpretative technologies that enhances the knowledge, learning outcomes, and satisfaction of Archaeological Park visitors.

The Kato Pafos Archaeological Park is one of the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus, and it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1980. It contains structures and monuments dating from prehistoric periods to the Middle Ages, with the majority dating from the Roman Period, such as the magnificent mosaic floors of four Roman villas, the Asklipieion, the Odeion, and the Agora. The Archaeological Park is also a NATURA 2000 area, which is a first for Cyprus and for the entire Mediterranean region – an archaeological area coexisting with a remarkable biodiversity of both flora and fauna.

Actions included in this project are:

Smart app that serves as a digital guide that includes:

-Content/information on the Park’s many archaeological monuments

-Audio guidance in multiple languages

-Overall Park video

– Video tour and photo gallery of each monument and more

The smart application is also available offline via two interactive touch screens at the visitor’s information centre.

In addition, a huge screen has been constructed so that individuals or groups can watch a documentary about the Archaeological Park.

As part of an ongoing process and in response to very excellent user feedback, phase 2 has recently been completed, which involves expanding the app to cover all local ancient sites such as the Tombs of the Kings, Mediaeval Castle, Panagia Limeniotissa, Chrysopolitissa Church, and others. The expansion is complemented with enhanced content such as 360-degree tours and the installation of QR codes for more user-friendly and convenient access to information.

Aphrodite-Goddess of love and beauty- AR PILOT app (Augmented reality)

This prototype action was created to improve the experience at Aphrodite’s birthplace while also collecting feedback/comments from final users for future similar activities.

This app’s major feature is AR, and it works as follows:

Users will be able to scan relevant photos of Aphrodite in three distinct locations on the beach at Aphrodite’s birthplace after downloading the app, allowing them to enjoy Aphrodite in a real environment through their smart devices.

Aphrodite scenes feature the Greek goddess emerging from the sea foam, sitting on a rock, and reading a book on the beach. The site’s signage clearly describes what visitors should do to interact.

“This innovative use of technology makes the myth more tangible and allows users to better interpret the narrative and location.” After evaluating the aforementioned trial project, we are now in the final stages of launching the complete Myth of Aphrodite app.

Myth of Aphrodite APP

The AR app was a trial project that has since been expanded to provide a full myth experience. Our revolutionary app provides a customised and enhanced experience of this unique place, whether you are a culture lover or an explorer. Users can download our free, user-friendly smart app to make their journey unforgettable.

The Myth of Aphrodite app includes all locations associated with the goddess, flora and shells, epithets and names, her character, nature trails, video, audio guides in multiple languages, augmented reality of four locations, and much more.

Smart QR signs

An additional aspect of our digitalisation goal is the replacing of static old-fashioned interpretation signs with smart ones. Over 30 static signage of various points of interest have now been replaced with new smart QR coded signs. The advantages include, but are not limited to, the supply of more information about the point of interest. It also encourages interaction and engagement via mobile phone, while offering a wide range of information capabilities such as 360-degree tours, audio guidance in many languages, movies, photo galleries, and more.

Smart Parking

“Pafos Smart Parking” is a solution to the city of Pafos’ challenge of effective parking management. Citizens and visitors to the municipality can be notified and identify free parking spots swiftly and precisely by utilising Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile Communications (Smartphones) technology.

The project provides multiple benefits for citizens, visitors, and businesses, such as:

  • Optimisation of the parking process by obtaining information on the availability of parking spaces and navigation via smartphones.
  • Reduction of traffic congestion
  • Payment via mobile phone, and fairer charge since drivers will pay for as long as their parking lasts
  • Environmental protection and pollution reduction by avoiding unnecessary vehicle movements
  • Supervise and control parking spaces intended exclusively for a particular use (disabled, taxis, loading/unloading locations)
  • Receive real-time parking data and much more

Digital overseas campaign to promote offerings

New technologies have been employed to promote Pafos as a smart tourism destination. In 2021, we launched a digital campaign in eight countries based on an advanced algorithm that tracks people with active travel intentions. This strategy has been shown to be very effective and extensively monitored, with very measurable results. We were able to maximise our budget by collaborating strategically with travel data firms. Based on the success of the previous year, we are currently implementing a similar campaign from March to November 2023, with the engagement and assistance of local hoteliers and other stakeholders.

Digital tools

A new destination website in five languages has been developed. New promotional videos with a variety of themes. New layouts and banners will be employed in advertising while social media is heavily used. Throughout the year, awareness campaigns for both domestic and international visitors are implemented.


PafosNow is a one-click app that provides comprehensive access to the municipality’s digital services and information.

Citizens will be able to use the app to conduct all of their transactions with the Municipality of Pafos’ departments and services, such as bill payments, online applications, and parking payments, as well as stay up to date on events and other activities in the city.

Introducing new initiatives and paving the way for more successful stories.

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