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Every single thing accessible to every single person

When it comes to accessibility, the priority of the destination is to become more accessible every day. There is a strategy in place, as well as other initiatives in the works. The key aims for the next few years, among other things, are to enhance activities and go "deeper" into visual, auditory, and physical accessibility.

Inland & air accessibility

  • The coastal area and the Old Town are connected by an electric bus service that runs circular tours every hour, serving both locals and visitors.
  • Local public transport has been further developed, providing visitors with easy access from the Pafos international airport to the city, from the city to the rural areas and from the city to all points of interest
  • Smart bus shelters have also been installed – which will be completed in 2023 – providing audio and video services, while a smart app about the public transport is currently under development
  • A dedicated e-buggy for accessible tourism is offered at the Pafos UNESCO Archaeological Park, and most museums and tourist attractions have ramps for wheelchair users
  • The majority of beaches are accessible, with dedicated parking, access ramps, pathways, amphibious chairs, accessible changing rooms, and so on
  • Cycling routes and nature trails have been implemented to minimise emissions while also providing an alternate form of access to rural or less developed sections of the destination
  • International air connectivity has been improved as well. All year round, Pafos is well connected by air with many different countries

Accessibility to info

-At Pafos UNESCO Archaeological Park, braille interpretation facilities have been established and are now being expanded.-

-Within the UNESCO park, wheelchair friendly routes have been assigned, while the smart app, which is available in four languages, provides easy access to information with rich audio and visual content

-Smart signs have been installed in several places of interest throughout the destination, providing comprehensive and multilingual information and functions accessible to all

-All advertising materials, websites, and information about places of interest are multilingual

Becoming more accessible every day

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