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About the Destination Pafos, the capital of Cyprus in Roman times, the European Capital of Culture 2017
in now the European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2023.
Pafos is an all-year-round destination and one of the most diverse and historically rich areas on the island. It is the most popular holiday destination in Cyprus and it attracts most of the visitors coming to the island.
What is ECOSTA Initiative The European Capital of Smart Tourism is an EU initiative that promotes smart tourism in the EU by rewarding cities for their pioneering approaches in accessibility, digitalisation, sustainability, and cultural heritage and creativity. This EU initiative aims to promote smart tourism in the EU, network and strengthen destinations, and facilitate the exchange of best practices. What is Smart Tourism Destination A Smart destination is one with a strategy for technology, innovation, sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity along the entire tourism cycle: before, during and after the trip. A smart destination is also one with residents as well as tourists in mind, factoring multilingualism, cultural idiosyncrasies, and seasonality into tourism planning. Benefits for the Destination • It will implement a series of projects and actions in 2023 and following years
• Pafos will gain international recognition and its image will be enhanced further
• It will receive promotion both internationally and locally
•Will have the opportunity to source funding for several projects
•Citizens and businesses will benefit of a better and smarter life
Sustainability Part of the problem, part of the solution 'Pafos is driven by the vision which is “Pafos , to become a quality destination where visitors can enjoy a wide range of experience and will contribute towards sustainable tourism development , respecting the natural environment and cultural heritage” Pafos is now transformed from a traditional mass sun-and-sea tourism hotspot into a modern and innovative tourism destination. Digitalisation Transforming the way we think 'Pafos has recognised the importance of digitalization as a tourism destination to significantly improve its competitive advantage and the experiences offered to visitors thus according to the digital strategy followed the destination has implemented several actions to improve its uptake of digital technologies and tools. Accessibility Every single thing accessible to every single person When comes to accessibility the destination’s priority is to become more and more accessible every day. There is a plan and many initiatives on the way. Among other initiatives the main priorities for the next coming years is to enrich actions and get “deeper” on visual, hearing, and physical accessibility. Cultural Heritage & Creativity Bridging Continents, Linking Cultures while safeguarding and sharing culture Pafos city has been included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1980. Since then the city has implemented a wide range of actions to become an attractive tourism destination capitalising to the outmost on its cultural heritage and creative industries.

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