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The Pafos Region is renowned for its beautiful weather. The entire area enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate with long dry summers, mild winters, separated by short autumn and spring seasons. Perfect for adventure seekers and nature lovers, the entire region offers a myriad of outdoor activities that include beautiful nature trails and scenic hiking routes for keen walkers and trekking groups. The area is an unspoiled paradise for bird watchers, with a list of over 300 species that include the francolin, kestrel, Cyprus red-footed falcon, colourful kingfishers, spotted cuckoos, and the protected Griffon vulture. Both beautiful and diverse, Pafos’ unique landscape incorporates many nature attractions that make this region of Cyprus a wonderful area to explore.



The Pafos Region is an appealing destination for nature lovers. Renowned for its sublime stretches of sand, dramatic cliffs, rolling mountains, fragrant forests and rugged wine-growing regions, it is unsurprising that the entire region is littered with an array of natural wonders. The pleasant subtropical climate is a reason why Pafos is so alive with birdlife, offering a glimpse of something new in a beautiful and natural setting. Pafos is also home to a vast range of plant life making it a floral and herbal paradise.

Akamas Peninsula


Whether an adventure seeker or nature lover, or simply a photographer or artist in search of that picture-perfect moment, the Akamas Peninsula is bound to enchant you. With its rugged coastline, crystal-clear bays, impressive flora and fauna, this unspoiled locale of Pafos is a rare gem that exudes outstanding beauty, timeless tranquillity and visual breathlessness.

Hiking & Birdwatching


The wonderful climate in Cyprus makes walking a pleasure and the wealth of trails and tours provide unparalleled access to the island’s natural beauty and magnificent scenery. Cyprus lies at the crossroad of one of the main bird migratory routes with over 300 species of birds passing through in huge numbers during the spring and autumn months.

Wineries & Wine routes


As one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world, Cyprus is an alluring and captivating region for wine lovers. Thought to date back to 800 BC, the legendary Commandaria wine hails from Cyprus and is renowned for being the world’s oldest, rich, amber-coloured dessert wine.

If you want to get better acquainted with the winegrowing areas of the Pafos Region, at the same time taking in the natural beauty of the area, visit one of the local wineries or take a tour along one of the many wine routes that are bound to transport your tastebuds on a tasteful journey to both past and present.

Where to stay


The Pafos Region offers a unique countryside experience, particularly for those seeking an authentic Cypriot holiday guided by nature and culture. From traditional accommodation and activities in the countryside, Pafos offers the adventurous visitor a range of traditional lodgings that include old-style village houses. Constructed from wood and stone, these beautifully restored homes provide an insight into bygone days, while their cozy atmosphere is enhanced by modern touches that ensure the ultimate in comfort.

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