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Great news for the region of Pafos!

Pafos has won another European award!

The Pafos Regional Board of Tourism has been awarded, ‘Best Strategy in Creative Tourism Development 2020’, by the creative tourism network.

The international network based in Barcelona, within the framework of the annual international awards for 2020, announced Paphos as the Best Strategy in Creative Tourism Development.

The distinction came after the evaluation of a proposal prepared and submitted in November 2020.
Pafos was among dozens of other prestigious destinations and was distinguished as Best Strategy in Creative Tourism Development 2020. This means that Pafos is the best destination (for 2020) in terms of the strategy it follows to offer visitors the opportunity for creative experiences with their active participation in experiences related to local community, tradition and culture.

According to the announcement, in the proposal submitted, special reference was made to the Old Town of Pafos (Pafos centre) which is in the process of being transformed into a central point that offers various experiences that the visitor can participate in and be creative.

This includes traditional professions, such as, arts and crafts, wine, gastronomy and traditions, cultural and other events, and there in much room for further development and improvement.

In recent years, various studies have shown that visitors no longer want to be considered a “tourist” but want to feel involved in the daily life of the locals and experience the destination. Today, visitors are no longer content with just a traditional sightseeing tour. Instead, they are seeking to participate in the experience. This is the new way of discovering a foreign culture and destination in general and it’s growing every year.

The Creative Tourism website (CTN) notes that creative tourism is considered a new generation of tourism that involves the tourists and locals in the creation of the tourist product (co-creation).

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