16aug7:00 pmΣυναυλία «Μάνα μου και Παναγιά» Μουσικό αφιέρωμα στην Παναγία Χρυσελεούσας Έμπας

19aug9:00 pmΜουσικοχορευτική παράσταση «Κύπρος και Αιγαίο Ρυθμοί Παράλληλοι» από τον Πολιτιστικό Όμιλο «Βασιλιτζιά»

24aug8:00 pmΘεατρική παράσταση «Σουβενίρ Σιοπ Σάϊπρους» Θεατρική Ομάδα Γιώργου Ζένιου και Κώστα Βήχα

25aug8:00 pm6ο Λαογραφικό Τριήμερο Κτήματος Θεατρική παράσταση «ΤΑ ΤΕΡΤΙΠΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΚΑΡΚΙΑΣ ΜΟΥ»

26aug7:30 pmΓιορτή του Χαρουπιού Καλλιτεχνικό πρόγραμμα με την Κέλλυ Κελεκίδου και τους Droulias Brothers

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Your beloved Summer event will be with you again this year, celebrating its 22nd anniversary, at the same place where we were meeting the last few years, at beautiful Val`s place in beautiful Gialia village, on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of August 2022!! 19th & 20th of August 2022 For Reservations/more Info visit: https://paradisejazzfestival.com/22nd-paradise-jazz

Crystal-clear waters, inviting beaches, majestic countryside, ancient sites, and a surplus of outdoor activities are trademarks that define the Pafos Region. Relax at one of our pleasurable hotels and resorts, taste the good life at a mountainside winery or indulge in a gastronomic experience, venture out on an outdoor excursion, or immerse yourself with nature – the Pafos Region is a recipe for the soul. A year-round destination, the Pafos Region caters for all types of vacationers in search of something

Steni village recently awarded the label of the colourful village! The Label “Colourful Villages of Cyprus” was formed having in mind the principles of sustainability and how to best apply them in a traditional village setting.  It aims at developing a new culture in the villages in relation to the importance and value of preserving and enhancing their special identity, their natural wealth and their cultural heritage, while promoting a bundle of benefits for the local communities. The aim is to promote

The island’s most unmissable summer event invites festival fans to join them for a five-day escape from reality in Gialia   Following a two-year break, the Alternative Brains Rule (ABR) team has announced the long-awaited return of their award-winning AfroBanana Festival this summer, promising what is set to be the best musical line-up to date. From July 13-14-15-16-17, the transformative five-day retreat will bring its unique magic to the captivating backdrop that is Val’s Place; high in the cool, green surroundings of Gialia, in Paphos,

Let's celebrate the 25th anniversary together! Be part of the Jubilee celebrations of the 25th Logicom Cyprus Marathon! Since starting the Marathon in 1999 thousands of runners have crossed the finish line in the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love & Beauty. Each and everyone has enjoyed a truly memorable experience that they will hold forever. Many of the finishers have repeated their participation again and again and again! In 2023 we will be celebrating the 25th edition of our Marathon, the Jubilee, and we

Saturday, 11th June Cypriot traditional dances by the Dance Group of the Cultural Association 'Vasilitzia' Greek popular dances by the Dance Group of Katerina Tziamalis Dance performance from the Black Sea by the Dance Group 'Romiosini'   Sunday, 12th June Address by the Mayor of Pafos Phedonas Phedonos Kelly Kelekidou and Giorgos Papadopoulos in Concert   Monday, 13th June TRADITIONAL AQUATIC COMPETITIONS AND WATER SPORTS Co-Organizers: -Pafos Municipality -Pafos Nautical Club -Panayia Theoskepasti Church Committee   Artistic Part - 08.00 pm Castle Square Dances by the Dance Group 'Hamaz Kayin Ani' of the Armenian Community Concert by the

Pafos old town walking tour will be offered for free, every Thursday by the Pafos Regional Board of Tourism for the months of March and April. First tour: 3rd of March Meeting Point: 09.15 am, at the Market bus stop Starting: 09.30 am till 12.00 pm Duration: 2.5 hours Please contact us directly for your reservation at: +357 26 811 500 / +357 26 932 841 / loucas@visitpafos.org.cy or through your accommodation provider *booking at least 24-hours in advance

Pafos, a wonderful sporting destination! Experience the most impressive Marathon in the Mediterranean! The Logicom Cyprus Marathon in Pafos is held since 1999 where runners from all over the world get together to celebrate the human spirit, through one of the most remarkable sport, Marathon! The international sport event incorporates four different distances: Marathon, Half Marathon, the 10 km Road Race and the 5km Fun Run.   Pafos region is a destination combining history, hospitality, fun, relaxation and adventure. We look forward to welcoming you