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Sea Activities

The most favourable climate for your water adventure

With the Mediterranean sun beaming its rays on Pafos almost every day of the year, the region offers the perfect outdoor environment to indulge in a variety of land sports and water activities. A vast number of beaches in Cyprus offer a wide range of water sports. Most of the large hotels and resorts provide modern equipment, available to both guests and day visitors, to enjoy their outdoor facilities. The island’s unique and favourable climate is suitable for many outdoor activities such as windsurfing, diving, offshore sailing and coastal cruising. Professional marine operators are often on hand to assist in specialised programmes such as diving, surfing and sailing courses. Cyprus’ exotic sea life, crystal-clear waters and natural rock formations make it a veritable paradise for scuba divers.

Water Sports – Aqua Activities

Few places in the world are able to offer so much diversity in water sports. Pafos has a comprehensive range of activities throughout the year, with water sports sites available at the majority of the regions’ hotels and resorts with facilities for water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, pedalling, parascending, yachting, jet skiing, and much more.


Pafos is renowned for its crystal-clear and unpolluted waters, with temperatures ranging from 16 to 27 degrees Celsius. The region is home to a plethora of breath-taking locations, suitable for both amateurs and professional divers. From submarine cliffs and valleys, to coral colonies, sea anemones and sponges, brightly coloured fish, seashells and ancient shipwrecks, an exciting world lies beneath the Mediterranean. There are no dangerous underwater currents in any of the recommended diving areas. For those wishing to try out the sport, there are a number of diving schools with qualified instructors to guide you along the way.

Amphitheatre Diving Site

Open Water (OW) qualification required. Access is from the shore, past the headland at Coral Bay, and a short walk along the rocks. This is a particularly popular dive, ranging from four metres to approximately twelve metres in depth. It derives its name from the natural formation resembling an amphitheatre that the sea currents have cut out of the rock.

Amphorae Caves Diving Site

Open Water (OW) qualification required. There are several caves to explore, including one with an amphorae encrusted roof, and gullies at depths ranging from five to twelve metres.

Devil’s Head Diving Site

Open Water (OW) qualification required. Access is by boat. Located off the northwest coast of Pafos in the Akamas area, this dive combines caves and interconnecting tunnels at a depth of eleven metres. Divers have often spotted green or loggerhead turtles during the turtle season. The diving site offers plenty of marine life to admire.

The Vera K Wreck Diving Site

Open Water qualification (OW) required. Access is by boat, 25 minutes from the harbour of Pafos. The Vera K was a Lebanese freighter, which beached in shallow water in 1972. Originally, the wreck was used for target practice by the Cypriot military, after it was stated dangerous and blown up in 1974. The wreck now rests in a crater, 11 metres underwater.

Wreck of the White Star Diving Site

Open Water (OW) qualification required. This former Russian fishing vessel sank close to the Pafos Harbour in 2006, while being towed to Limassol. The wreck lies on the bottom of the seabed, submerged 14 to 18 metres underwater, and is a home to groupers, bream and other varieties of fish.

Wreck of the Laboe

The wreck of the Laboe lies next to Moulia rocks in Pafos. The area is now a protected site, part of the marine parks project where commercial fishing is no longer permissible. Built in Rendburg, Germany in 1940, the 21-metre vessel arrived in Cyprus in 2006 intended as a diving live aboard. In 2014, the vessel was sunk as part of the artificial reefs and marine parks project. Marine biologists regularly visit the Laboe, in order to monitor the 14 different species of coral found around the wreck. Sitting at a depth of 28 metres, the wreck is open throughout for easy penetration of the bridge, saloon and engine room.

Boat Trips

Enjoy a glorious day, lazing aboard a luxury boat that silently skims the waves of the sea as you relax and enjoy the perfect surroundings. Stretch out, take it easy, or enjoy dipping your toes into the warm waters of the Mediterranean, thereafter indulging in a delicious leisurely lunch on board. For the romantic folk, a sunset cruise is an excellent choice. Adventure lovers can embark on a deep-sea fishing excursion.

Amateur Fishing

Angling in Pafos is increasingly popular amongst locals and visitors. If freshwater fishing is your game, the local dams in Cyprus feature a variety of fish, set amidst beautiful and tranquil surroundings. A fishing licence is required, at a reasonable fee, and is available from the Fisheries Department (Tel: +357 26 240 268).

However, no licence is required for salt-water rod fishing, and the coast features a variety of prime fishing spots, often populated by locals. Additionally, no licence is required for spearfishing (without aqualung), sea angling, and fishing with vertical lines or trawling.

Licences have several conditions attached that regulate the equipment used, the days you are allowed to fish, and in certain cases such as spear guns with aqualung and fishing at night with a light, have certain limitations as to how much fish one is legally permitted to catch. Types of fish allowed include sea bream, groupers, amberjacks and sea-perch.

Cypriot law requires special (sport) fishing licences for anglers who use:

  • Boats and fishing nets, longlines and traps
  • Spear guns with an aqualung
  • Nets without a boat