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Visitors to Pafos are genuinely spoiled for choice: be it our long and fascinating history, or the visual delights which have been unearthed and carefully conserved to allow us to dip into the past and move back in time to discover thousands of years of the region’s history.

Archaeological Sites

Archaeological Sites

Walk in the footsteps of the past, and transport yourself to a time of mythical and legendary wonder.  Discover the region’s proud and timeless heritage etched within the plentiful archaeological sites and enthralling museums. Embrace Pafos’ spiritual ancestry through its hidden churches and religious artifacts.



Delve into the past and savour the art and culture. Meet new people and discover the region’s ancestry while expanding your mind.  Pafos is one of the most important centres of ancient civilisation in the Mediterranean. Once the ancient capital of Cyprus, Pafos is undeniably one of the most fascinating locations in Europe that has cemented its name in the cultural tourism industry.

Myths & Legends of Pafos


The mythical island of Cyprus is a picturesque haven, where past meets present at every turn, and a strong cultural presence that is evident in every aspect reflecting the island’s traditional inheritance.

An island that is renowned for its magnificence, and the ancient home of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, Pafos was the principle centre of her worship. In his work titled, “Bacchae,” Euripides calls Cyprus the island of Aphrodite:

…may I reach Cyprus, the Island of Aphrodite, where Erotes, the heart – healers, mingle with the mortals, in Pafos, where the hundred-mouthed ravines of the torrential river bloom.

Religious related


Land of saints, painted churches, legends and miracle-working icons. Nowhere else can you see every style of Byzantine art in such a small area.

Cyprus was the first country in the world to come under Christian administration when the Apostles Paul and Barnabas visited the island in their mission to spread Christianity. See the stone column in Pafos where legend has it, Paul was flogged in AD 45 before converting the Roman governor. Byzantine art survived and flourished here, as the island escaped the iconoclastic decrees of Byzantium.

Marvel at the vivid wall paintings in the apses of many medieval churches and admire many beautiful religious artifacts.
Pafos is not just a region it represents the glory of Christianity.

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